2000 Pack Magreen Black Magnetic Name Badge Holders with 3 Neodymium Magnets and 3M Adhesive Front Plate


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Only 500 left!

Material: Steel Back Plate + 3 strong neodymium disc magnets + 3M Adhesive on Front Plate

Dimensions: 1.8" long x 0.5" wide x 0.25" thickness

【SMART DESIGN】Magnetic badge holder with steel backplate with 3 strong rare earth neodymium magnets and 3M adhesive front plate.

【SUPER STRONG】Two pieces of permanent magnet set can be attached directly to clothing, do not need any pins, clips. To avoid damage to your clothing.

【MULTI-PURPOSE】Great for conferences, office, school, hotel, trade shows, arts, crafts, etc.

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