500 Pack Magreen Black Magnetic Push Pins


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Useful as Fridge or Kitchen Magnets, Cool Multi-use Industrial Strength Office Dry Erase Whiteboard Magnets

Color: Black Baking Finish
Material: Metal
Brand: Magreen


About this item

[STRONG MAGNETS] The material of magnets is neodymium. These metal brushed nickel magnetic tacks reliably hold up to 20 sheets of printer paper with a single magnet. Don't work on the glass whiteboard.

[SMART DESIGN] The refrigerator magnets will not ruin walls and poke feet and fingers. Black Baking Finish color looks great anywhere. Contemporary, sleek design.

[MULTI-PURPOSE PUSH PINS MAGNETS] Ideal for holding sheets of printer paper, notes, photos on whiteboards, fridge, bulletin boards, magnetic maps and other magnetic surfaces. A great addition to your office products and stationery or Home Improvement supplies for use anytime, anywhere to organize and de-clutter spaces. (Don't work on the glass whiteboard.)

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